Monday, 18 February 2008

I received another e-mail from my colleague Simon Camby, Headteacher at Brodetsky Primary School...

"Dear Chris, I sent you a letter earlier in the week about the EL Crisis Line. I would like to make an addition as little did I know how my week would unfold! I cannot express how impressed and grateful I have been during the week as a result of the EL Crisis Line. In doing so, I draw a direct comparison with headship in a different authority where no such service was offered. I would like to pay particular credit to Wendy Winterburn, Dee Reid, Gareth Wilce and the Health and Safety Team. Wendy has been fantastic and thoroughly supportive of the school. Whilst as a Head you always take ultimate responsibility for all actions taken in your school, it is always reassuring to know you are receiving high quality advice and support. People are always quick to criticise but slow to credit and thank. Some brilliant people! Thanks Simon"

Simon is right. It is easy to be critical and destructive and so much harder to say thank you and help us further improve our services and our support to colleagues in schools. Wherever you are in this endeavour I passionately believe that we are all trying to build brilliant, to provide outstanding services and provision and to do even better. It's great to get feedback and suggestions on how we are doing so I am really grateful that Simon took the time again to thank outstanding colleagues for being brilliant.

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