Monday, 18 February 2008

I received this e-mail from my colleague Jenny Marshall who works in the Performance Management and Information Team...

"Chris, I was reading you blog today and saw you advocating the best services and best provision and skilling teams accordingly. As you know we are currently complying evidence for our Corporate Charter Mark submission especially as we have our pre-assessment on Friday. We have a great deal of evidence on how well our teams perform, how they change policies and procedures through customer feedback, how they develop their staff's skill set and where they see areas to improve our support and services for all our customer.

This is the strength of the standard, not only is it a benchmark of where we are now, but it is a tool for continuous improvement that is so vital to us as we enter an ever changing world. We are working on the new criteria for the new standard and it really works well corporately and will extend our excellent practice already developed in our 9 Charter Mark teams. We have a very committed, active and involved user group made up of staff from across Education Leeds who drive the work forward and are working collectively to support and champion the standard.

The new standard will be officially launched, with details of the new name, on 10 - 11 March by the Cabinet Office. As we are early adopters of the standard, I was asked to do some testing for them on their new website and the Cabinet Office want our feedback on our journey through the assessment process, who knows we may be a case study for them on our journey to excellence.!. Jenny."

I am delighted that colleagues across Education Leeds and our schools are constantly striving to improve and develop their practice and get feedback to help them deliver outstanding provision to children and young people across Leeds.


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