Thursday, 21 February 2008

I attended a workshop on RACI this morning with colleagues from the Children's Services Leadership Team...

The workshop was delivered by the HayGroup and based on the following RACI aspects:
  • Responsible... “Doer”;
  • Accountable... “Buck Stops Here”;
  • Consulted... “In the Loop”;
  • Informed... “For Your Information”.

1. Remember the vision and the associated change programme are critical when defining roles and responsibilities:

  • Eliminate “checkers checking checkers”;
  • Encourage teamwork;
  • Specific roles will develop during implementation and evolve over time.

2. Place accountability and responsibility at the lowest possible level;
3. Authority must accompany accountability;
4. Minimise the number of consultation and information sessions;
5. All roles and responsibilities must be documented and communicated.

This is a really powerful model which helps us all as we develop our provision in a new Children's Services world.


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