Friday, 27 June 2008

I then visited Oakwood Primary School where Anne Matthias and Becky Ingram are doing brilliant work and releasing their own very special magic particularly in the Foundation Stage...

Anne had asked me to visit to look at the impact a visit to 'Reggio Emilia' had had and to see their brilliant Foundation Stage practice which has been showcased on Teachers TV and in CPD materials for QCA/NAA. I had three wonderful little guides to the Foundation Stage who wouldn't let go of my hands and excitedly showed me all the areas of provision. It was truly wonderful; an oasis of superb early years practice and just being there you knew that you were in a very special place where every child really did matter. Becky also gave me a quick tour of the rest of the school where the atmosphere, ethos, purpose and relationships showed me what a wonderful school this is. This community is so lucky to have at its heart Oakwood Primary School and Anne Matthias. Sadly Anne retires this Summer but what a brilliant legacy she leaves in Becky's capable hands.

My personal challenge is to take what Anne showed me and the impact the Reggio Emilia experience has had at Oakwood Primary School and build on it so that more schools and more children and families experience the magic. Anyone out there want to help?

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