Monday, 23 June 2008

My colleague Robin Jahdi, our ContactPoint Support Officer, has been reading my blog and sent me this update...

"Hi Chris, A regular reader of your blog(s) here. Just a note regarding those Asus minibooks. Depending on what size screen you currently have, they may already have grown. While initially 7 inches, there is now the Eee 900 Series, which boasts a 9.1 inch screen. I personally am going to get the 901, which launches on 1st July, and has the larger screen and Bluetooth capability. I know that there is a 10 inch screen that has launched in the Far East, though I'm unsure as to its release situation over here. I think the 901 will retail at about £310 after VAT, so that's not too bad.

Speaking of computers and websites, I'd like to direct your attention, however briefly, as I know you're busy, to the Computers for Pupils website. My Team Leader, Richard Irvine, is heading up this great project as well as leading implementation on ContactPoint, and as a result I have helped that small team (just Richard and Lizzie Guinness on the Education Leeds side of things, though they work with Steph from Stone Computers and our various High School contacts) develop their website. It's nothing too flashy, but the emphasis has been on getting information directly to our young people, and their parents and carers, in as few words and clicks as possible. It's a worthy project, as it means a lot of young people who may otherwise not get to use information technology for their school work will miss out no longer! We are also planning on going online with ContactPoint, in order to keep our professional friends informed; I'll be sure to let you know when we go live with that. Best regards, Robin."

Richard, Robin and colleagues are doing some great stuff with our 'Computers for Pupils' project and Contact Point.

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