Wednesday, 25 June 2008

My colleague Andrew McGlen read the blog and sent me this fantastic response...

"Hi Chris, As you will be aware, here at the Derek Fatchett CLC we have been working with the MiniBook and other ultraportable devices for some time. We recognise some of the issues raised by Peter and in order to move the agenda on for Leeds Schools we have planned a project that will see up to 50 devices, including a number of MiniBooks, rolled out to one Leeds High School. The purpose of this project is to identify and where possible find solutions to the issues we will undoubtedly encounter. In addition, sets of the devices will be used in different ways by different groups of staff and pupils to try and identify the most appropriate/effective solutions. Our aim will be to provide some guidance to schools on the practicalities of implementing this type of device. We have lots of questions to answer…
  • Should the devices be issued to students giving them ownership?
  • Should the school issue and collect the devices each day, each lesson, by subject?
  • Which subjects benefit most from the use of these devices?
  • Which students benefit most?
  • Which device works best with the school network, learning portal, applications?
  • Do you have to have full wireless coverage in school to make them worthwhile?
  • How durable are the devices, batteries, chargers?
  • How is insurance dealt with?
  • What if a student doesn’t bring their device?
  • How do we keep the student connected out of school?…and many many more.

Although researching new technology is only one small part of what we do here in the CLCs we should hopefully be able to provide some useful insight. I would also encourage schools that have questions around the use of new technologies to come along to one of our annual Technology Futures days this July. There are still places left and a good mix of workshops available on both the Primary and Secondary days. Anyone interested can get more details and register online for free at Andrew"

Thanks Andrew. It is wonderful to know that I have colleagues, like you, ahead of the game and working these things out.

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