Sunday, 14 September 2008

Last week was another fantastic week with a Building Schools for the Future event at the Carriageworks, visits to Allerton High School and Pudsey Grangefield High School, two of the new BSF schools, by Rosie Winterton MP, Minister for Yorkshire and the week ended with the opening of the brilliant new City Museum in Millenium Square.

I also attended an induction session at the Derek Fatchett CLC and a celebration event for the INVEST programme which Jane Haswell runs supported by colleagues from the Families and Schools Together team. Then over the weekend I went to London to see the latest Matthew Bourne ballet at Sadler's Wells.

What I realise every time I get really involved in the arts is that talented people don't do a good job or a great job because they are being monitored or because someone is watching them. They do a brilliant job because that is what they are ... brilliant and they simply love what they do. After last week this is obviously also true about the colleagues who delivered the new BSF schools and the new City Museum and the colleagues in the FAST team.

It is important to always remember that we have a choice and that we choose to work in the team here at Education Leeds. We choose to be here and being here gives us a chance to share our talents, our abilities, our passion and our energy... so whatever you do be your brilliant best and work hard to release the magic!

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