Friday, 19 September 2008

My colleague Rehana Minhas has just got back from PeaceJam...

PeaceJam brings young people and Nobel Peace Laureates from across the world together to tackle some of the toughest challenges facing our planet... issues ranging from basic needs to basic rights; from water to security and justice. This year we sent 50 young people from five secondary schools to Los Angeles to play their part and from what I have heard it was brilliant.
Rehna brought me back a present; a book 'PeaceJam: A Billion Simple Acts of Peace' by Ivan Suvanjieff and Dawn Gifford Engle. The book has a dedication... "to the countless millions of young peopl around the world who recognise suffering and injustice and who are willing to take action. Their faith is greater than their fear, and it will be through their simple yet compassionate acts of peace that our world will be transformed". I hope that our 50 young ambassadors will play their part in spreading the message of peace back here in Leeds and taking forward the PeaceJam message that change starts here.

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