Tuesday, 16 September 2008

My colleague Rachel Saddington, Deputy Headteacher at Rodillian School sent me this e-mail and these great pictures of her new school...

"Hi Chris, Having read your blog last week I have been shamed into forwarding some pictures of the new school. Sorry they have taken a while. Words cannot begin to describe the building - it is truly amazing and is already having an impact on our young people. Coupled with the improvements made last year, we have a real opportunity to make Rodillian an exceptional school. The sky is the limit! Take care. Rachel"

It was fantastic to read the e-mail Rachel sent me. Like Rachel I think the journey we are all on is about building brilliant learning places that achieve outstanding results for young people, their families and communities... and it isn't rocket science and there is no magic ingredient... it's about leadership, creativity, imagination, persistence, determination, blood, sweat and tears. It is great to see Rachel's passion, commitment, energy and hard work starting to deliver this and taking that into her fantastic new building should release the magic and ensure that Rodillian now flies!

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