Wednesday, 17 September 2008

My colleague Tony Swainston sent me a copt of his ECM connections newsletter

"Dear Friends and Colleagues, This issue of "ECM Connections, The Newsletter", addresses the question: "If you were in control of education in this country what would be your vision for a young person leaving full-time education? What sort of skills and attributes should they have?" and "What is the purpose of education and are achieving this in our schools and colleges?" So, just too fairly easy things to think about there! Through a partnership between ECM Connections, The Pacific Institute and the charitable arm of HTI, I would like to propose a way of addressing these questions and moving towards an answer. If you are interested in this then do have a read. If you think that everything in our schools/colleges is fine then you can ignore it. Very best wishes, Tony."

If like me after reading the e-mail you want to read the newsletter you can find it at

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