Monday, 20 October 2008

I recieved this today celebrating our achievments in developing extended services across Leeds...

"As you may be aware, on 5 November the Secretary of State and Beverley Hughes are speaking at a national conference for extended schools that will celebrate progress to date and the fact that nationally more than 14,000 schools are now providing access to the full core offer. This is a fantastic achievement and we would like to extend our thanks to you and your colleagues for your support to reach this target. However, we also thought it important for you to be aware of what is now planned which may attract both local and national press and community interest.

The conference coincides with the inclusion on the Direct.Gov website of a flag showing all schools that have been recorded by your LA as meeting the full core offer of extended services. This information is part of helping parents and families to be in a stronger position to access services in their local area and is also linked to the work of your local authority Family Information Services.

We think that the publication of the details on Direct.Gov is an opportunity for you to publicise and celebrate the success of extended services provided by your local schools.
Yours sincerely

Dr Hilary Emery, Executive Director
TDA Executive Directorate for Development and Improvement

Sheila Scales Director
Early Years, Extended Schools & Special Needs Group"

This is a fantastic achievement and reflects a huge amount of hard work by colleagues which has started to reconfigure and redefine our services to children, families and communities and is making an incredible difference where it matters most.

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