Friday, 24 October 2008

My colleague John Paxton sent me some more good news about ouir NEET figures...

"Dear Chris, Our September NEET figure is 7.61% and represents significant improvement ! Even better than August's encouraging position. The September 2007 figure was 12.7%. The September 2008 result is easily the best since NEET records began, the previous best monthly figure having been 8.2% in July 2005. Every September the number of Not Knowns rises significantly. This September we have recorded 27.19 %. The September 2007 figure was 45.0%. The previous best September NKs figure was 35.0% in 2005. These results are great ! A real tribute to the partnership endeavours and commitment. John."

These results are brilliant and complement the wonderful GCSE results. Well done to John and everyone involved.

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