Tuesday, 21 October 2008

I started the day at the Packed Lunch Guidance Policy Training Event at the South Leeds Stadium...

"Healthy packed lunches are the best,
Healthy Packed lunches beat the rest,
To eat healthy,
You don't have to be wealthy!"
Leeds Youth on Health
Our fantastic Leeds School Meals Strategy team have been working on the Packed Lunch Guidance Policy and this session was to help school based colleagues and partners with this key aspect of our work.

Over 45,000 young people take a packed lunch to school every day... around 9,250,000 packed luches are consumed every year here in Leeds. The policy aims to raise awareness about healthy eating and help parents and carers make informed and affordable choices.

Rosemary Molinari, our School Meals Strategy Adviser, talked about the evidence based approach and the public consultation that had shaped the new policy. It is wonderful to listen to Rosie share her passion, knowledge and experience and to see the impact her team are having here in Leeds.

Derrin Porter, Assistant Headteacher at Farnley Park High School talked, about the issues facing our secondary schools with packed lunches, the impact it has on their community, the power of the local shops offering cheap 'junk food' options and the connection with standards and outcomes.

This was a really good session and I only wish I could have stayed longer. Rosie, Elaine and Kate, our School Meals Strategy team, are doing a brilliant job in transforming school food and drink. The resources are available on our website at www.educationleeds.co.uk/schoolmeals.

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