Thursday, 19 March 2009

I moved on to another fantastic learning place...

I visited Hollybush Primary School where Danny Kenny, headteacher, Kathleen Alderson, deputy headteacher and their team are doing an incredible job. The building is now five years old but it is still fantastic and contains not just the primary school but a Children's Centre and a SILC partnership base.

Danny has brought a real energy and passion to Hollybush. He, Kathleen and Dave Foxton, Chair of Governors, talked to me about the opportunities, the challenges and the sheer magic at Hollybush. We also walked around the school which is a calm, purposeful and simply wonderful learning environment brought alive by a talented, brilliant, gorgeous and wonderful team of colleagues. They are also using Nintendo DS consoles to develop the childrens mental maths and are evaluating the impact on motivation and outcomes.


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