Thursday, 19 March 2009

My colleague Ros vahey sent me this after attending the Guardian BSF Conference in London...

"Chris, Jackie, Scott & Richard have done a great job here. Richard ran a workshop, Jackie and Scott did a keynote speech. All on ICT. Richard & Jackie have spent 2 days networking and promoting Leeds and BSF. Richard was a real gem! Elaine Silson was simply superb. Very focused, very illuminating, grounded and the voice of experience. We showed our DVD which went down really well too. All in all very successful and very good ambassadorial work for Leeds. We are definitely light years ahead of the game nationally and we got good feedback. PfS were impressed & grateful. Ros"

It is great to hear about our work being showcased on a national stage. The work we are doing on BSF is fantastic thanks to a great team.

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