Saturday, 21 March 2009

My life is brilliant and it has been a week of visits and meetings...

I had meetings with Cllr Harker, Dirk Gilleard, the council's Corporate Leadership Team, NAHT colleagues and Education Leeds Leadership Team. I had breakfast with the Inner East Family of Schools headteachers. I managed visits to Ralph Thoresby High School, Garforth Community College and Leeds Grammar School. I attended the Civic Reception for the 'Connecting Classrooms: Africa' project and another Education Leeds induction session. I also visited Crossley Street Primary School, Bramhope Primary School, Hollybush Primary School and I opened the new Harehills Children's Centre Cabin at Hovingham Primary School. And finally, I went to the exhibition of schools entries for this year's Stan Kenyon Schools Challenge at the Civic Hall.

We are all working hard to create brilliant schools, brilliant teams or brilliant organisations. After nearly eight years here in Leeds I realise, more and more, that to build brilliant we must...
  • Treat others in a way we would wish to be treated ourselves.
  • Understand what is important, be open, honest and keep our promises.
  • Be caring and supportive and make sure we treat colleagues with respect.
  • Nurture growth and challenge, and recognise that colleagues just want to do well and enjoy the roles they have, and do a great job.
  • Acknowledge good performance and recognise it every and any way we can... thank yous, hugs, letters, stickers, flowers and chocolate all help.
  • Be truly interested in what colleagues have to say and ensure that they are appreciated, information is openly shared and everyone contributes fully.
  • Help colleagues do what they are best at. We must all let go of the things we don't need to do and use delegation to develop colleagues skills and abilities.
  • Develop great relationships where colleagues care, share and connect their ideas, successes and concerns.
  • Understand that every colleague can contribute their particular and unique skills and abilities to build real success.
  • Ensure that every Friday, if not every day, we smile, laugh and eat chocolate.
Keep the faith.

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