Thursday, 19 March 2009

I moved on to a brilliant learning place...

I visited Bramhope Primary School to see Pauline Lawson, headteacher, and her great team. I arrived to see a group of Year 6 children rehearsing their 'Wake Up and Shake Up' session which had a Bollywood twist. It was wonderful later to see the children going through their fantastic routine with a large group of children who were very obviously loving it!

This is a great little school. I discussed their 'Academy' which over the last few years has focused on football, rugby and dance and provides groups of older children with the opportunity to coach and support younger children. I talked to a group of boys who had set up a mini-enterprise selling bookmarks and stickers. I watched a small group of children using Nintendo DS consoles to improve their mental maths. I also visited Year 6 where I met some incredible children being inspired by a fantastic teacher.

Bramhope Primary School is a very special learning place and Pauline and her team have done a brilliant job over the last few years and are releasing an incredible magic.

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