Thursday, 30 April 2009

I received this e-mail from my colleague John Ellard, Managing Director of the International Communications Group following his visit to Leeds with a party from Vaxjo...

"Hi Chris, I am writing to let you know just how impressed the Swedish group from Växjö Council were with the professionalism and atmosphere in Leeds schools. They have said to us that they were blown away by the dedication of the staff they met, thought that the experts professionals they had discussions with in the morning sessions were superb representatives of Leeds and overall were left with so many ideas, thoughts and views on how the visit may help them improve education in their city. I am writing to thank you Chris, Jenny Hill, for superb arrangements and planning and the schools, professionals and all those involved. You are all truly outstanding representatives of a great city that is constantly improving and developing.
We look forward to the next visit in October and once again Chris thank you so much on behalf of the group. Best wishes, John"

It was great to be able to host the visit for our colleagues from Vaxjo. You might also want to visit John's blog where he talks about the visit. The blog address is

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