Sunday, 26 April 2009

So much of what we do is exceptional but that doesn't mean that we always know best or always get it right. Over the weekend I read through the feedback and the comments colleagues had made on the 'Best Companies' survey where we were identified as 'One to Watch'...

The survey asked colleagues to rate us on eight aspects; leadership , my company, my manager, my team, personal growth, fair deal, well-being and giving something back. It was great to read the positive and the negative comments particularly about the leadership of Education Leeds. Colleagues in personnel will be visiting teams to share the feedback and to help develop strategies to respond to people's concerns.

I am really grateful for the positive and negative feedback you have given us through this survey. I love the positives but as I have said many times if things go wrong, we foul up or we are driving you up the wall I want you to tell me. Please, don't just moan to other people, just grumble with your colleagues or just accept second-rate. If I, or we, get it wrong tell me and more importantly help me by telling me how we can do better.

You can contact me, anonymously, on my blog, send me an e-mail or even write to me. We all want to continue to improve and develop everything we do and your feedback will help.

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