Saturday, 2 May 2009

"If a school can't get the toilets right, it can make you wonder how much they care about their pupils." OFSTED Inspector

Toilets matter and we have seen a transformation over the last few years. The TES Magazine had a great article about this which included the School Toilet Charter; Setting bog standards;
  1. Pupils must be allowed to use the toilet whenever they need to.
  2. There must be enough toilet cubicles for all pupils.
  3. Toilet cubicles must be private and have doors that lock.
  4. Pupils with special needs must have suitable, easily accessible toilets.
  5. Toilets must be looked after properly and not smell.
  6. Warm water and soap must be provided, plus towels or hand dryers.
  7. There must be enough toilet paper in all cubicles.
  8. Sanitary products and disposal units must be provided in toilets for girls aged eight and over.
  9. Toilets must be free from bullies and smokers.
  10. Schools must have a policy to keep pupils’ toilets clean and in good condition.
  11. Pupils must be involved in managing and improving their toilets.
  12. All complaints about toilets must be taken seriously.

You can find out more about the School Toilet Charter at


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