Tuesday, 28 April 2009

I started the day at the European launch of PX2, the Pacific Institute's new 14 - 19 programme...

"Dream, dream big and dream early"
It was a session introduced by Neil Straker and Lynne Oliver who is leading the PX2 programme with a key note presentation by Lou Tice, the founder of the Pacific Institute, who never fails to inspire me with his messages. The messages today were:
  • we all need a dream, an inspiration, a goal;
  • we need a burning passion to learn, grow and develop;
  • we need to attach learning to our dreams and goals;
  • we need the freedom to become what we have the potential to be;
  • we need to take responsibility for ourselves and for our futures;
  • we need to find ways to give colleagues, young people, families and communities the tools to help them become extraordinary;

The PX2 materials look really good and we will need to arrange a session for secondary schools to enable them to see what is available especially as it can be accredited as a Level 2 Award through ncfe.

As I have always said the best way to predict the future is to invent it for yourself!


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