Sunday, 10 May 2009

I was thinking again about the things that we need to encourage, to achieve our dreams and our vision for brilliant learning in Leeds:
  • Every child is born a genius and an artist;
  • Families, and particularly mothers, are a child best, and most influential, teachers;
  • There are many different roads and pathways to success;
  • We must have high expectations of all our young people;
  • All our schools must be brilliant learning places;
  • Every child must be a reader and every child must count;
  • All roads and pathways must be rigorous and lead to further and higher education;
  • Educational investment must start early and support families;
  • Learning must take as much time as it takes;
  • Discipline and hard work are the keys to success;
  • Great schools must have great support;
  • Everyone needs high self-esteem and high self-efficacy;
  • Data and research must inform teaching and improve learning every day;
  • Funding must be predictable and sufficient to produce world-class performance;
  • Services for young people, and especially those with special needs, must emphasize outcomes, not processes;
  • Environmental education and global citizenship must be a core subjects.

I hope that this list might provide us with an interesting start to another debate. What have I left out? What shouldn't be on the list? Answers on a postcard if you can't post a message!


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