Monday, 1 June 2009

As you all know STEPS is one of the real successes we have developed here at Education Leeds, so it was great to receive this e-mail from my colleague Louise Lee, HLTA Admin/Support Assistant based at the Elmete Centre...

"Hi Chris, I would just like to thank you by letting you know how much I enjoyed the STEPS training I took part in a few weeks ago. It really helped me open my eyes and see my true potential and helped me realise that if I work hard at it, then nothing is impossible. I am a forward thinker, and I am always wondering about what steps to take next in order to hit my targets, in and out of my work life, and the STEPS training showed me that by combining Planning, Time, Determination and "The Initial Dream", you could be reaching your goals sooner than you think. I would recommend this training to anybody, as it has really helped me be a lot more positive towards coming to work, and I feel it should be more advertised within Education Leeds, as I feel it would have a positive effect on most, if not all who takes part. Thank you again for the opportunity to take part. Louise."

It is wonderful to hear from Louise about her experience of the STEPS programme. We need to think about how we make it more easily accessible to colleagues across the company. If the demand is there we will find ways to run more programmes for our teams.

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