Monday, 1 June 2009

I have decided that holidays are out after working all last night through my in-box and the 258 e-mails colleagues have sent me over the last week. There must be a better way...

Thoughts and suggestions welcome!


A McGlen said...

Hi Chris,

Haven't you heard? After Google's announcement to their developers last week, email is dead - soon to be replaced by Google Wave which due for release before the end of the year. For a video demo go to... this is really causing waves throughout internet communities. We'll be looking at the tech here in the CLC with a view to hosting our own server but it would be a good idea for IT services/Leeds Learning Network to be incorporating this into their thinking for future developments now.


Andrew McGlen
CLC Manager
Derek Fatchett City Learning Centre

Learning Communities Team
Education Leeds – School Improvement Service

Chris'Blog said...

Hi Andrew, Great news... After 360 e-mails today I look forward to this new world.