Wednesday, 3 June 2009

I went to another of our brilliant primary schools early this morning..

I visited Little London Primary School where Jill Wood and her colleagues are releasing a very special kind of magic. I met with Jill, her colleagues and some of her children for breakfast and a game of pool before school. I had been asked by Jill to talk in their 'World of Work' assembly about my job and the skills I had learnt at primary school. I also got the chance to briefly walk around the school to see things in action.

The school has made incredible progress under Jill's quite outstanding leadership and the standards are flying. The 'can do' culture is everywhere reinforcing that this is the most important thing we do here in Leeds; educating the future and recognising it's incredible potential!

The key is to ensure that everyone is happy, healthy, safe and then focusing on them being increasingly successful... the children, the learning team and the parents and carers. As someone who is always learning, I always ask myself after visiting schools, what is it that makes this little school such a brilliant learning place? The answers...

  • Jill's strong, focused, passionate and uncompromising leadership;
  • a talented, energetic and enthusiastic team;
  • clear values and beliefs driving all the work of the school;
  • a focus on excellence, standards, behaviour and discipline;
  • outstanding teaching within a positive, attractive and stimulating learning environment;
  • a focus on enthusiasm, determination and patience;
  • high expectations and hard work!

This is a brilliant school with a great team led by an inspirational headteacher. Jill Wood and her learning team are doing an incredible job and have built something really amazing at Little London Primary School .


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