Sunday, 28 June 2009

I nearly forgot this piece of good news...

Pudsey Grangefield school was highly commended at the national British Council for School Environments awards last Wednesday evening. The state-of-the-art school, built as part of the Leeds Building Schools for the Future programme, opened in September 2008 to high praise from students, staff and the local community. The school was nominated in the ‘Inspiring Design’ category at the BCSE Awards which took place at The Emirate’s Stadium in London.

If you haven't visited the school, it combines a range of learning spaces with state-of-the art ICT equipment. It is loosely faculty based with innovative open learning areas, break-out spaces and show-and-tell rooms which provide informal briefing, discussion and presentation areas where students can learn in a relaxed atmosphere. The building has a minimal amount of corridors to ensure it is as open and welcoming as possible while the central ‘street’ and general teaching areas are linked by a three-floor hub of ICT facilities, library and resource areas.

The school design reflects Ken Cornforth personal vision for personalised learning and working with colleagues and his students Ken has designed the school to reflect that vision. The flexible classrooms are equipped with Promethean ActivBoards and wireless learning is available across the school to encourage young people to take control of their learning and develop their skills as much as possible.

Ty Goddard, chief executive of the BCSE, said: “The quality of entries led to intense debate amongst the judges, which is how it should be. Pudsey Grangefield School shows that the right resources and approach can produce great projects which we can be proud of. Our thanks go to everyone involved for being willing to invest their time and energy in a project which ensures pupils and teachers have such an inspirational centre to learn, play and teach in.”

Ken Cornforth and his colleagues have created something really impressive at Pudsey Grangefield and they are building brilliant learning in this brilliant learning place.


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