Thursday, 2 July 2009

Nicola Megson, Deputy Editor at the Yorkshire Evening Post sent me this e-mail...

"Dear Chris, I wanted to let you know that the YEP is setting up a Reader Panel. We want to find out as much as we can about what people like - and don't like - about the YEP as a paper and as a website. In the longer term, as we find out more about people's interests, we hope to communicate even more efficiently with them regarding specific stories and subjects. I think you'll agree that any opportunity to increase the dialogue we have with our readers has to be a good thing. The key is getting as many people as possible to join - and I'm hoping that you will sign up and also help push the message to as many people as possible. The bigger the numbers, the more effective the panel. You'll find the details of how to sign up in the pages of the YEP today and on the website Your help in spreading the message to your own associates, friends, colleagues and contacts would be much appreciated. Best wishes, Nicola."

I read the YEP everyday and I have signed up to help Nicola and her colleagues improve and develop the paper and the website. I hope that other colleagues will also join me.

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