Tuesday, 30 June 2009

The research is deeply depressing around how happy, healthy and safe our children are...

"Good mental health isn't something you have, but something you do.
To be mentally healthy you must value and accept yourself"


I was reading a report on mental health and it suggests that one million British children, one in ten between the ages of 5 and 16, are estimated to have mental illnesses. In any secondary school with 1000 students, 50 will be severely depressed, 100 will be distressed, 10 - 20 will be suffering with obsessive-compulsive disorder and 5 - 10 girls will have an eating disorder. The Good Childhood Inquiry in 2008 commissioned by the Children 's Society reported increasing numbers of young people with mental health problems with over a quarter regularly feeling depressed, mainly as a result of family problems and peer pressure.

Anyone who thinks that in our schools we simply deal with the standards agenda is living in cloud cuckoo land!

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