Monday, 19 October 2009

I received this e-mail from Karen Turner our Deaf and Hearing Impaired Team Leader...

"Dear Chris, Well..what can I say...I know I am a week late but a huge thank you to everyone who helped make the 10th October Family Fun Day at Weetwood Hall such a massive success... I have to say the 'Buzz' was contagious though much of the day was a blur to me!!! I will be putting together a summary of the event which I will distribute to you very soon and I will make sure I let you know exactly how many children and families attended and where we go from here!! The bit though I am able to tell you now, is that on the day we raised £880 for the DAHIT childrens fund, Since the Day we have had a very Kind Donation of £120 from Joan Haines to make the amount up to £1000 and then another donation from Sallie's mum of £20. So all in all a hugely successful event ...lots of great feedback from parents and workshop providers too...I'll include all the feedback in the summary so you can see who has said what. I will be in touch soon with a full and complete round up of the day. Karen."

It is wonderful to be reminded of some of the incredible things our talented, brilliant, gorgeous and wonderful colleagues get up to at the weekends!


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