Tuesday, 20 October 2009

I received this e-mail from Ken Monkman, our Regional Adviser at the Training & Development Agency for Schools...

"Hi Chris, A number of your colleagues and students from Leeds attended a TDA governance review meeting in Manchester today and I wanted you to know how impressive they all were.
Angela Bailey from Extended Services and Liz Jones from Brigshaw accompanied four young people; Sam Hodgson, Stephen Carter, Olivia Tarpey, Charlotte Wallis, to the meeting and all gave superb presentations demonstrating the impact of extended services in the city. Both adults and students alike proved to be great ambassadors for Leeds, and their inputs impressed not only senior colleagues from the TDA, but the DCSF also. We are extremely grateful to them all for taking the time to showcase the excellent work you are all doing. Regards, Ken."

It is great to get such positive feedback from Ken and to have colleagues and young people being such brilliant ambassadors on a regional and national stage for the brilliant work we are doing.


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