Thursday, 22 October 2009

I received this wonderful e-mail this morning...

"Hi Chris, I have just returned home from what I can only describe as an awesome inspirational talk that I have had the privilege to be party to for some time. I attended the introductory talk about the Education Leeds commitment to 'Changing the face (and heart) of educational leadership in Leeds schools i.e.: Investing in Diversity. I attended the meeting tonight with ( what I realise now ) a hint of cynicism. I hoped that the evening was not going to be yet another repeat of the same message that we have heard so many times over the years! ( we need more Black and Global Majority teachers, senior leaders etc etc...) Dorothy Smith introduced Rosemary Campbell -Stephens as an inspirational and motivational speaker, that, however didn't do her full justice. Rosemary , gave a clear, realistic, no nonsense talk about the potential value, of the contributions that BGM leaders can make to Education Leeds, our schools, our communities and most importantly our children! I have been so inspired by the evening that I will be putting my name forward to become a 'Transformational Leader' of the future. Can I thank Education Leeds on investing in what appears to be a programme that will hopefully result in changing the face, heart and soul of Education Leeds Leaders in the near future! Kauser Jan, Assistant Head (Middle Phase) at Bankside Primary School."

It's great to get feedback like this from colleagues who understand the critical importance of values, beliefs and attitudes shaping provision and changing the face, heart and soul of leadership here in Leeds.

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