Tuesday, 20 October 2009

I spent this evening with Governor Forum...

I wanted to talk to these colleagues about the major issues facing us over the next couple of years:
  • Budget;
  • Children's Services;
  • 21st Century Schools;
  • Elections.

And our need to focus on the issues around:

  • Primary Numbers
  • Primary Standards;
  • Secondary standards;
  • National Challenge schools;
  • Special Educational Needs;
  • Attendance; and
  • Behaviour.

We know that the strategic leadership of schools across the city rests with our governing bodies and that we should establish our own curriculum framework and outcomes framework to develop greater local ownership along with a focus on creativity, enterprise, discipline and responsibility. We must continue to think team, share what works and ensure that every child is a reader and can count by eight, every child sings, dances and plays and is a brilliant little learner by eleven and every young person is on a pathway to success and achieves their potential by eighteen... whatever it takes!

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