Sunday, 24 January 2010

My colleague Laura Wilson, performance management project officer in our Performance Management and Information Team, sent me this e-mail about our Bright Ideas scheme...

"Hi Chris,the Bright ideas scheme has been re launched this week and I am trying to publicise the scheme as much as possible. There is some information about the scheme below, more information and the submission form can be found on InfoBase quicklink P593. The scheme fits within our Be Your Brilliant Best (BYBB) and gives colleagues the opportunity to contribute and make a difference. BYBB recognises and rewards colleagues so that they all feel valued, capable, involved, bright and listened to.

We will use monthly themes to categorise Bright ideas and direct colleagues towards thinking about specific areas that are important to Education Leeds. Bright ideas unrelated to the theme will also be welcome. The theme for the next four months are as follows;
  • January: Changing the workplace
  • February: Environmental sustainability
  • March: ‘My company’
  • April: Personal growth

Colleagues will be encouraged to submit a Bright idea on the submission form which is available now on InfoBase quicklink P593. When an idea has been submitted it will be sent to a relevant head of service or senior colleague, and we will aim for a full response to be received within 10 working days. All ideas and responses will be reported quarterly to the Customer service project board. Thank you, Laura."

This is a great scheme and will help us continue to be the most innovative, creative and imaginative education team in the country. Everyone has something to contribute to improving outcomes for our children and young people, improving our schools and improving our services and I hope that colleagues will share their Bright ideas to help us continue to build brilliant learning in brilliant learning places. If you would like any more information about the Bright ideas scheme please contact Laura on 395 0916 or by email at


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