Thursday, 28 January 2010

This afternoon I met with NAHT colleagues...

We talked about a range of issues including:
  • The NAHT SATs campaign;
  • Lessons from the severe weather;
  • Strategies to fill vacancies, recruit and retain headteachers;
  • Children's Services, the recent inspection and the review;
  • OFSTED inspections of schools;
  • NEEC 2012; and
  • The Teaching Awards.
We are constantly looking to improve and develop our core business of raising standards and improving outcomes for all our children and young people. The relationship we have established with headteachers is strong and increasingly effective and it is great to have feedback highlighting the things we've got right and the areas where we can do better. Honest, direct and constructive feedback from colleagues has helped us over the years to refine, focus and improve our services to our schools. The trust, respect and partnership we have developed over the last eight and a half years continues to shape our improvement strategies and to further develop our support for headteacher colleagues.

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