Monday, 30 August 2010

It doesn’t really matter what approach we take, honesty, respect and discipline are required to ensure success in everything we do...

This is a team game and we’ve all seen colleagues, new and old, who simply try too hard thinking they have all the answers from the outset rather than carefully listening and building trust, respect and understanding. All new relationships require time to develop and we need to allow everyone time to grow into an effective team member and team player. After all nothing can be learned through talking. Asking questions and listening should represent 80% of our interactions with colleagues. Respect is always earned over time and by example, it can never be dictated. We need to continue to lead by example, to get rid of the fear and to work hard to continue to build brilliant. Building brilliant is all about creativity, imagination and talent. It is all about experiments, pilots and trying things out to see if they work. Above all we must:
  • keep calm;
  • be positive and enthusiastic;
  • engage and involve everyone;
  • move all our energy and effort to the front line;
  • experiment and try things out;
  • make things up as we go along;
  • get some things wrong;
  • get some things right;
  • cry a little; and
  • laugh a lot.

Whatever it takes we must all continue to develop, create and build BRILLIANT!


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