Thursday, 2 September 2010


My colleague Til Wright who is our Head of Service for Safeguarding here at Education Leeds sent me this...

"Hi Chris, You probably already have this info but if you haven’t thought you would like to know that from September 09 – to August 10 July of all the schools inspected in Leeds:

  • 76.5% of Leeds school are good or outstanding in the last year for Safeguarding;
  • 19.5 % outstanding;
  • 57% good;
  • 23.5% satisfactory;
  • 2.5% unsatisfactory ( but now satisfactory at last Ofsted monitoring visit)

This is a good outcome however we will raise the bar for next year to at least 80%. Thanks, Til."

This is fantastic news but I know how hard Til and colleagues have worked on this with our schools over the last year. The bar as always isn't high enough and is actually fixed at 100%!


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