Thursday, 2 September 2010

My colleague Andrew Hodkinson who is principal at the North East SILC West Oaks sent me this after reading the blog...

"Dear Chris, Welcome back and thanks for your focused message today which really struck a chord. You are right and as schools across Leeds start the new term we are all, I am sure focusing on the future and ensuring that our children make expected progress but also have fun doing so. Whilst reflection is good sometimes we certainly like to look forward at our School and we will embrace change. We will meet the challenges head on but we will continue to always put our children first. We do know what works at West Oaks and have been busy over the Summer; we have recently re-designated as a Specialist SEN School for Communication and Interaction to further our work in the NE locality and in our school community with our ASC pupils. Also through our Applied Learning specialism we have developed and acquired a local shop to ensure our community has an ICT hub and our 16+ students have a vocational centre for work related learning in the local village that complements our Outdoor Learning Zone. Through our Leading Edge specialism, partnership and AIP work we have developed a KS3 SWIFT programme which will support the 7 NE High Schools with a time limited intervention programme for a number of pupils. It would be good to catch up this term. Best wishes, Andrew."

We are blessed here in Leeds to have places like the North East SILC West Oaks which is a brilliant learning place which releases a very special magic on a daily basis. The great thing about Andrew and his talented colleagues is the focus they put on innovation, creativity and the journey they are constantly on to improve and develop what they do for some really special children.

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