Monday, 30 August 2010

People constantly ask me what we have achieved over the last nine and a half years years...

What difference have we really made? In case you've forgotten in the simplest possible terms we have improved outcomes for young people in our secondary schools:
  • from 39.5% to 77.5% getting 5 good GCSEs;
  • from 27.5% to 51.5% getting 5 good GCSes including English and maths;
  • from 86.5% to 94.5% getting 5 GCSEs;
  • from 6.6% to 1.3% getting nothing.

In simple numbers that means an extra 3300 young people getting 5 good GCSEs every year and a reduction from 550 to 100 young people getting nothing at the end of their statutory education.



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John said...

That's what I would call 'great improvement'.