Friday, 22 October 2010


I started the day today at another one of my favourite schools...

I attended Beecroft Primary School's Harvest Assembly and Music Awards. The school under June Turner's powerful leadership has developed an initiative which gives every child the opportunity to play a musical instrument and the school enters the children for awards through the Royal School of Music. This reflects a huge commitment by the learning team at Beecroft and again this morning I was priviledged to see the results.

The whole school and orchestra delivered a great harvest assembly which included some of my favourite songs. We were treated to strong and important messages about why we should help others, some powerful poetry, lots of fantastic singing and some really wonderful playing led by a great team. At the end of the assembly, I was delighted to present a talented group of young musicians with their awards and medals... simply brilliant!

This is a great school with an amazing team doing a wonderful job.

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