Tuesday, 19 October 2010


I visited the Elmete Centre first thing this morning...

We all know that great organisations are about great individuals who operate in great teams. Education Leeds has been blessed to have so many brilliant colleagues working at Elmete in strong and highly effective teams... secondary advisers, primary advisers, healthy schools team, FAST team, learning communities team, extended services team... everywhere you look there are wonderful colleagues who have made and will continue to make an extraordinary difference for children, young people, their families and their communities.

Great organisations, great schools and great teams build and reinforce collaborative working. We all need to:
  • select team players;
  • induct team players;
  • mentor team players;
  • coach team players;
  • collectively reward team players;
  • encourage team working;
  • develop social responsibility.
Whatever the future holds we all need to be great team players?

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