Wednesday, 13 October 2010


We had the October Education Leeds Board meeting this morning...

Tom Riordan, Leeds City Council's new Chief Executive, attended for the first part of the meeting. Tom was unable to attend the Annual General Meeting of the company in September and wanted to come to this meeting to thank Education Leeds Board and our team for the outstanding work we have done this year and over the last nine and a half years. Tom stressed the importance of building on what Education Leeds has achieved; our unique culture, our focus on standards and outcomes, our performance management systems and the way we have managed our resources. It was great to have this confirmation of what we have achieved here in Leeds and the recognition from Tom that the future children's services arrangements and the council will take the best of what the company has achieved into the future.

It's important to remember that our greatest resource is the brilliant, talented, gorgeous and wonderful colleagues who make up the extraordinary team here at Education Leeds. Our culture, our values and our approach to coaching, performance management and professional development has released real magic and unleashed simply enormous potential in this team. Thanks, from Tom and the Education Leeds Board, to everyone who has played a part in our continuing story over the last year and to all those colleagues and friends who have been part of this wonderful adventure; this passionate enterprise which aims to build brilliant... whatever it takes!

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