Tuesday, 12 October 2010


It has been a real privilege working here with some outstanding schools to serve children and families in Leeds...

We have transformed outcomes for so many of our children over the last nine and a half great years and we have created a unique culture and sense of social justice which means that children are at the heart of our work… every child really does matter and we must work even harder to reach those who need us most. Every school must be good, improving and inclusive places where every child is happy, healthy, safe and successful… whatever it takes! We must all work to ensure that the very special children we are all passionate about continue to have the best provision and are enabled to reach their potential within the Leeds family of schools. We must all work even harder for you to ensure that every learning place has that culture, ethos and WOW factor so evident in so much of our primary practice, our SILCs and our secondary schools. We must grasp every opportunity to do better and ‘whatever it takes’ should be etched on every headteachers and teachers wall!

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