Monday, 11 October 2010


My colleague Pat Toner and I started the day meeting colleagues from the NAHT...

I generally meet with NAHT colleagues every half term and today's meeting with John Beckett and Pauline Potter was to catch up on the new and developing Children's Services arrangements and importantly for these colleagues the arrangements for the leadership of schools and learning after I leave at Christmas and the provision of services to schools after Easter next year. the most important issue facing everyone is how we continue to build and develop 'Team Leeds'. Working with schools and headteachers and governing bodies, we have created a unique and powerful culture and ethos. This is underpinned by strong, dynamic and honest relationships which have driven real excellence and consistently challenged underperformance. The future is going to be determined by our collective commitment to make this work in a world where there are less resources and where the learning landscape is changing daily. The challenge for us all is to ensure that whatever we do is making a difference and that everything we do is outstanding.

I will miss these colleagues and their support and challenge which has been a consistent factor of the changing landscape here in our great city. We have shared a passion and commitment to children and their families which provides a constant reference point whatever comes our way and together we have achieved great things for Leeds.

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