Tuesday, 9 November 2010


I visited another great little primary school this afternoon...

I had been asked to visit Brudenell Primary School to talk to the two Year 5/6 classes as part of their Aspirations Week. They had spent part of the day at Leeds University at the Medical Department and I talked to these wonderful young people about my job and what inspires me. I explained to the children that everyone they looked up to as heroes and role models and everyone famous and special had once sat in a similar classroom learning. I stressed that each of them is unique, original, special and a one-off and that no-one anywhere in the world has their mix of talents and potential and that each of them can achieve anything they really really want if they have self-belief, if they practice, practice, practice and if they really work hard. I also talked to them about the importance of passion, commitment, determination and persistence backed up by great teaching, coaching and support from family and friends.

They were two great groups of young people who asked me some great questions about my job and my journey to become Chief Executive of Education Leeds. It was a privilege to spend time with these wonderful young people in a school that is definitely releasing a very special magic.

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