Wednesday, 10 November 2010


I moved on again to Seven Hills Primary School...

I had been invited by Olivia, Thomas, Jack and McKenna from Year 3 to the 'Diners Club'. The children had worked with Mrs Wigglesworth during the morning to prepare a brilliant meal for themselves and three special guests including me! It was an amazing experience to sit with these four wonderful children and eat the meal they had cooked. Our meal consisted of chicken tikka marsala and rice, lemon tart, grapes and chocolate mints and it was exceptionally good. I hope to have a picture soon beacuse the children had also prepared the table and arranged the flowers. Mrs Wigglesworth has also published her recipes in her cookery book which was on sale for £1; the proceeds, which have now exceeded £1000, are going to support a school in Africa. 

Colleagues like Mrs Wigglesworth are like gold dust and they sprinkle their magic on those whose lives they touch. She brings passion, commitment, care and love to Seven Hills Primary School and its children. This is an experience that Olivia, Thomas, Jack and McKenna won't forget in a hurry and neither will I!

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