Wednesday, 28 February 2007

"Every moment is a golden one for anyone who has the vision to recognise it as such."
Henry Miller

I visited a wonderful school this morning...
I went to Seven Hills Primary School in Morley where Pauline Potter and her team are clearly doing a great job. I was shown around the school by two members of the School Council... Liam and Olivia... who were brilliant adverts for the school; articulate, confident, passionate, bright and clearly very talented learners. Liam and Olivia said that the best thing about Seven Hills Primary School was the learning team and the fact that everyone was really friendly.

I really enjoyed looking around the school with Liam, Olivia and Pauline. The children were brilliont, the atmosphere was great and the learning environment wonderful... shame about the fact that the roof leaks when it rains! However, I have to say that the best bit about my visit was going into the school hall and finding all of Key Stage 2 children doing 'Wake and Shake'... I simply had to join in and it was fantastic. It's funny how a small burst of exercise can not only make you feel good and get the heart racing but also releases a WOW factor that really brightens the day... a bit like chocolate and red wine!

Pauline and the team at Seven Hills Primary School are certainly releasing a very special kind of magic.


Mary said...

just come across this blog. u've got a nice job. visiting Tony Blair and a few schools, interesting. But what exactly do you do?

Chris'Blog said...

Mary, I am delighted that you've discovered the blog. I lead an organisation called Education Leeds which provides support to all the schools in Leeds.

Mary said...

rit, grt, ta