Thursday, 1 March 2007

I went to Woodlands Primary School first thing this morning...

Woodlands Primary School was inspected by OfSTED recently and I read the report last night and wanted to go and thank the learning team. The report is really positive and shows the incredible progress that colleagues have made. What is really encouraging is the comments about the quality of pastoral care and support for the children which as we all know underpins their personal development and well-being. The report also highlights the fact that "the children learn in a calm, supportive and encouraging environment centred on positive, yet purposeful relationships."

What makes Woodands Primary School such a brilliant success story?
  • strong and passionate distributed leadership;
  • a wonderfully committed learning team who passionately believe in what they are doing;
  • clear, shared vision, values and beliefs driving the work of the school;
  • confident, creative and passionate use of appropriate strategies and approaches to raise standards;
  • high shared expectations of children and the whole learning team;
  • strong, dynamic and wonderful relationships;
  • inspiring teaching within a nurturing culture;
  • individual tracking and focused interventions;
  • high parental support, engagement and involvement.

It's wonderful to see and I am deeply grateful to everyone who has been part of the Woodlands story over the last two years.


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karen shotton said...

Sorry I missed you but really appreciate your comments!