Friday, 2 March 2007

The most important asset in every organisation is the passion, energy and commitment of the people that make up the organisation and their ability to work as a team. At a time when people in many organisations are disaffected and disengaged the question we have to ask is how do you change this and bring culture into alignment with strategy?

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Pat said...

There is another question. How do we maintain the effort year after year?

Clarity about values is part of the answer for me. But we need to surround ourseleves with people who will stretch us mentally, emotionally, and creatively. It can be damed hard at times, but connecting with colleagues and achieving success together is whats its all about.

The best bit,finding that "button" that tuned someone into their special contribution.

Dario Gradi is a very special man who perhaps could teach up all a lesson. Why don't you look him up?