Wednesday, 7 March 2007

I am getting more forgetful in my old age...

I read an article yesterday in the Guardian about how to improve your memory. It identified five steps which would help:
  • use your memory and break things down into bite size chunks;
  • develop new mental skills using things like Sudoku, learn a language or to play a musical instrument;
  • be a clever eater by eating Omega 3 fatty acids and slow release carbohydrates like porridge;
  • reduce your stress... relax, chill and forget it all; and
  • meditate to improve decision making, attention and recall.

I am going to have to focus on the last two so if you see me meditating you'll understand why!



Pat said...

Great news that you are going to focus on relaxing.

Will this include attempting my challenge to fundamentally change how you can live more healthly and work more effectively by attempting to sleeping more?

Chris'Blog said...

Pat, I appreciate the care and concern for my health and well-being but I am living a healthy, balanced life which is why I manage to spend so much of my time in schools and at Waterstones!