Wednesday, 7 March 2007

"What did you do today that made you feel proud?"

I went to the West Leeds CLC at Wortley High School to meet the 'West Youth on Health' group who were spending the day with Charlee Brewster and her colleagues looking at crime, bullying, well-being and healthy eating.

It was brilliant... a great group of young people with fantastic ideas about healthy food, Fair Trade, tackling bullying and racism and generally about how we make our schools happier, healthier and safer places where every child and young person can be successful.

We were challenged, entertained and I learned a lot... what more can you ask over lunch!


Pat said...

Come on mate.

No message now for over 30 hours.

Wahts happening!

Chris'Blog said...

My web access at home has gone because the BT line has a fault which they are trying to repair.
Sorry if you thought I was regaining my work-life balance!